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Mozaik Technology Ventures s.r.o. - organizačcní složka
Na vyhlídce 32
68001 Boskovice
ČCeská republika

Tel: Tel: +420 542 214861
Fax: +420 542 214861


The 'Mozaik' office for Czech and Slovak countries was established in 1996. Tomas Duda is the regional manager. Mr. Duda is a graduate in Electronics Engineering and was previously employed as a marketing specialist at a very large electronics assembly enterprise in Brno region.

The principal activities of the Mozaik office for Czech/Slovak countries is to provide representation, sales and marketing support and consultancy services to clients who wish to develop business in the region. In recent years there has been significant investment by contract electronic manufacturers (CEM's) in the Czech Republic and 'Mozaik' is well placed to assist the production equipment suppliers of the CEM facilities.

The local office of Mozaik can assist Czech and Slovak customers in sourcing electronic materials and electronic production equipment in microelectronic, PCB and electronic assembly industries.



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