Mozaik Technology Ventures (Nigeria) Limited

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1 Oyi River Crescent

Tel: +234 805 926 3368 +234 805 778 2578


Mozaik Head Office
Suites 34-35
The Hop Exchange
24 Southwark Street

Tel: +44 207 357 7376
Fax: +44 207 357 9449

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Mozaik Technology Ventures (Nigeria) Limited was incorporated in Nigeria  since 2008. The company is located in  Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria and centre of national governance and business decision making within the country.

Nigeria, popularly referred to as ‘the giant of Africa’ is arguably the economic hub of continental Africa. After years of economic stagnation there are now reforms in place to find solutions to the perennial power and energy crisis. Also the reform process has been adequately institutionalised and legislated to secure and guarantee investors confidence.

‘Mozaik’ is active in the fields of  Energy and Technology and can assist clients, who wish to do business in Nigeria, with consultancy, marketing and sales promotion services. A particular emphasis  is on Sustainable Power Solutions. There is significant and increased investment within Nigeria  for energy generation, transmission and distribution products and services and Mozaik is very interested in working with clients and  partners who can offer robust, reliable and value for money product and project capabilities.

Specific areas of interest and expertise  are: Renewable energy projects, Solar panel manufacturing, electricity metering, back up power, electronic manufacturing and assembly.

Mr. Tarry Rufus is one of the principal Directors of the company and has active experience of consultancy and project management within Nigeria and USA.  He is closely affiliated with relevant stakeholders in the Nigerian Power industry and has access to key technical information. Mr. Steve Muckett has wide experience of marketing and consultancy  in the technology sector with a particular focus on Eastern Europe.



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