Biroul Mozaik din Romania

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tati mozaik romania

Str. Odobesti, nr.4
B1, Z3, Sc. C, Et. 2
Ap. 47 Sector 3

Tel: 021-3486310; mobil: 0720 043205
Fax: 021-3486310


The Romanian office of Mozaik was established during September 2005. The Regional Manager for Romania is Mr. Septimiu Cerghit. Mr. Cerghit is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest with a Diploma in Electronics and Telcommunications. He has many years experience in the field of adhesives for industrial, automotive and electronics applications and  previously has worked for a major multinational company with  responsibility for  technical sales of industrial tapes and adhesives in the Romanian market.

Romania is an attractive location for Contract Electronics Manufacturing and many multinational companies are now  located there. The local economy includes a mature manufacturing base in automotive, industrial and electronics engineering and there are positive signs of active investment in these sectors.



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